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Hampton Library Series Books by Capt. W.E. Johns

There were 15 W.E. Johns books issued in hardback format with a dust wrapper in the Hampton Library Series published by Brockhampton Press.

Six titles had been originally published by Oxford University Press, and the rest by Hodder and Stoughton or Brockhampton Press.  Nine of the books were given a new dust wrapper design, with the rest having the same front panel design as the first editions. These books are commonly mistaken as first editions as they clearly state on the titles page First Published in 19XX,  however they are all reprints and can easily be recognized by the logo on both the spine of the wrapper and the books (as shown further below). 

Biggles Flies West was the first book in the series being issued in 1961 and the last title was Biggles at World's End in 1966. None of the titles are particular hard to find but in the last few years have become more popular as the prices are more reasonable compared to the first editions and the wrapper designs fairly attractive

Childrens Book Club editions of Biggles Books

There are a number of Bigggles books issued in hardback format with a dustwrapper by the Children's Book Club.

They mainly have their own wrapper design for which reason we have given them their own gallery. Although the price of the children's book club edition tend to be lower than the orginal 1st editions in a few cases they are a lot harder to find, in particular the first three in the series. Click Here to view all of our Biggles Books published by Children's Book Club editions.

Below is a gallery of images.

Space Series by Capt. W.E. Johns

This is a collection of 10 books where W.E. Johns tries his hand at Science Fiction novels. The main characters in the books are Group Captain Timothy (nicknamed 'Tiger') Clinton R.A.F. (retired) and his son, Rex Clinton and Professor Lucius Brane. They go off adventuring - initially around our Solar System, but as the books progress they go further and further afield meeting up will all sorts of alien life forms and visiting many planets.

In this index you will find the images of the Space Series (Science Fiction) books by Captain W.E. Johns (mainly of the dust wrappers). All the books were original published by Hodder and Stoughton but 5 stories were also published by Children's Book Club, sometimes with their own version of the wrappers. A few titles were also issued in paperback form.

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Gimlet Books by Capt. W.E. Johns

There are 10 books in the Gimlet series although he also makes an appearance in two other W.E. Johns books which are Biggles Follows On and Comrades in Arms. As many of the titles suggest, Gimlet is the King of the Commandos and has many similar adventures to Biggles but normally land/sea based as apposed to air.

The 1st Gimlet book King of the Commandos was published in 1943 during the war paper shortage, so the 1st edition of this title with its wrapper is the hardest to find and therefore most expensive of the series. The last book in the series was Gimlet Takes a Job, 1st published in 1954.

In this Gimlet index you will find the images of early or 1st editions Gimlet books. You will be able to find current stock of each title by clicking on the link under the image.

Worrals Books by Capt. W.E. Johns

W.E. Johns: Worrals Books

There are eleven books in the Worrals series, the first being Worrals of the W.A.A.F. published in 1941 and the last being Worrals Investigates in 1950.

W.E. Johns had been asked to create a role model for girls to follow on from the success which the Biggles books had in bringing boys into the R.A.F. during World War II.

Biggles Books by Capt. W.E. Johns

W.E. Johns was born William Earle Johns in Hertford in 1893. He worked as a surveyor after school, then served in the army from 1916 and the newly formed Royal Flying Corps during the First World War. He remained in the Air Force until 1930 when he became a newspaper air correspondent and founded the magazine Popular Flying, in the pages of which his famous character, Biggles (Major James Bigglesworth) first appeared.

He wrote a total of 98 biggles books starting with The Camels Are Coming in 1932, published under the pseudonym William Earle.

Johns also wrote on many other subjects including a book on Gardening, not to mention his Science Fiction books and Gimlet Books. He died in 1968.

Steeley Series by Capt. W.E. Johns

In this index you will find the images from the Latimer and Newnes editions of the Steeley Series by Captain W.E. Johns apart from Steeley and the Missing Page which was 1st published by Norman Wright in 2000.

The dates below each image refer to the 1st published date by that publisher. The 1930's editions of the Steeley books are very hard to find even without their wrappers. 

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