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W.E. Johns Space Books
I feel it is important to set any science fiction book into the context of the time the book was written. In this instance, the set of 10 books in the Space Series were written before Man had gone to the moon, although plans, I assume, were in motion. The series was published between 1955 & 1963. W.E Johns is famous for his Biggles books, of which there are around 100. He did try his hand at other genres including a couple of romance novels,...

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Biggles by Capt. W.E. Johns
So Just Who Was Biggles? Biggles first appeared in book form in 1932 when "The Camels Are Coming" was published by John Hamilton. His 96th, and last, appearance, as written by Captain W E Johns, was in Biggles Sees Too Much, published in 1970. During that time there was hardly an inch of the earth's surface or air space that he had not covered. Christened James Bigglesworth, he was born in India, a son of the Assistant Commissioner of the United...

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Captain W.E. Johns

W.E. Johns was born on 5th February 1893 at Mole Wood Road, Begeo, Hertford, U.K. He wrote at least 169 books, including 98 biggles books, and contributed to many magazines and other books. Since his death in 1968, many of the books have continued to be published making Johns one of the most successful authors of the 20th Century.

Captain W.E. Johns wrote a total of 98 Biggles books starting with The Camels Are Coming in 1932, published under the pseudonym William Earle. Although best known for the Biggles series, he also wrote a number of other stories, articles & books. Aside from Biggles perhaps his most popular series are Worrals, Gimlet, Steely and Space.